web designing full course for begginers

     Hi friends welcome in first class of web designing
In this class i explain you What is web designing and what we are going to learn first of all you needs to know about HTML And Css.

What is HTML and way we needs to know this

    Html is the first and most important languge of web designing evey think you watch on any website in written in Html and Css is used to style Html.
Html is very easy you can learn it easly in our next class we will create our first web page.

what is Css and what are the useses of it

   Css is the second languge of Web designing eveythink that we create in Html is styled in css.
With the help of Css we change the color of text and we change our sites background color etc.
There is the ton of thinks that you can do in css.

Thanks for reading the artical
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